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Meanderings of an opera obsessed mind...

I have always noticed that in order to end, you have to begin - Wellington

7 March
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Greetings. And welcome to the life/rantings of a random person who enjoys rather random things.

I'm currently 24 years old and a historical research assistant. I'm probably described as the quiet, slightly cynical/sarcastic, old-fashioned type who prefers the peace and quiet of a library or cafe by a lake to a disco or bar in busy city centres. I also must admit I'm a bit of an Anglophile which basically explains why almost everything I'm interested in is related to/or actually is English/British. Fond of mimicking accents and voices, as well as British comedy, wit and satire.

I love history particularly anything to do with the Napoleonic Wars, the British Army during that time as well as the Duke of Wellington who is most probably my favourite historical figure of all time. Other periods of historical interest include the Georgian and Victorian Eras and World War I. Opera (and to some extent, operatic history) is another thing I have a great passion for...probably stemming from my being a total fan of Thomas Allen who, at least to me, is the best lyric baritone ever. Also now more than slightly obsessed with the wonderful Derek Jacobi.

Posts on my LJ are now friend-locked. Feel free to add me as a friend, just let me know and I'll usually friend you back.

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